WordPress product support

Improve theme and plugin performance with a trained team resolving issues quickly.

Benefits you will receive

working with us

email and chat support

Fully managed email and chat support

Talk to your customers, fast, with a complete support operation, available on demand, connected directly to your existing help desk or chat platform.

volumes and pricing

Elastic support with pay as you go pricing

Only pay per response with the whole operation included: 24/7 coverage, multiple agents, managers, training, QA, data and insights. Our team automatically spots coverage gaps, escalates issues, restructures the team and gives agents feedback as needed to guarantee output and quality.


Custom troubleshooting and tech support included

Many of our agents are trained engineers who know how to troubleshoot issues and answer technical questions thoughtfully. We can work with existing tech teams to file bugs, triage and escalate issues as required. We already work with complex tech clients supporting network applications and web hosting.

sales calls

Nurture leads and schedule sales calls

Our 24/7 support team can answer questions and help find the best leads for your sales team. We can perform manual jobs like scheduling sales calls or tagging users, while you still only pay per response or per conversation.