Technical Support

Deliver consistently high-quality technical support, 24x7.

Benefits you will receive

working with us


20+ engineers ready to troubleshoot technical issues

Our trained team includes experienced engineers and technical managers who know how to troubleshoot bugs, product hiccups and more. We can troubleshoot and replicate issues across all types of software, third party integrations and hardware.

24/7 service

24/7 support with fast response times

We have engineering teams in all time zones, so they can still work during their normal working hours, while collectively providing 24/7 support. Most tickets get answered within two hours. Contact us for response time estimates or if you want us to provide real time support or live chat support.


Connects to your existing help desk

Our tools connect directly to your existing help desk. We connect to all major technical help desks including Zendesk, Intercom, Jira, Help Scout and others. By connecting to your existing help desk, you can maintain your current processes and even answer a portion of your tickets yourself, while we answer the tickets you assign to us. If you want, we can be the first point of contact on tickets, while assigning or escalating tickets as directed.

QA services

Ongoing QA support

Our dedicated QA team regularly reads through technical support tickets and grades responses, then giving agents and managers 1:1 feedback on how to improve their conversational quality. When talking with a customer, we want to be courteous, understanding and approachable.