Frequently Asked Questions

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  • I'm getting the following error message when I try to access my online profile: "There was an error processing your request."

    "There was an error processing your request" is a general Technical Support Zone error message that's displayed whenever the online account is not registered properly. In most cases, this is temporary error that is resolved within 24 hours. However, if the error does not go away after this period, please fill out Contact Form including the following information so that we can resolve it for you:

    —Name of the displaying error.

    —Indication of whether or not you were able to access your online profile before.

  • I have technical problem, who do I email?

    Our email is also you can try with our online contact form.

  • What contract and payment terms are available?

    We bill montly and also quarterly but this last option requires a minimum three month contract. Technical Support accepts VISA and MASTERCARD. We cannot set up accounts until payment is received. Come on and register!

  • Need additional help?

    Technical support may be obtained by calling +1 888 200 3613. For greater convenience, try our online contact form.

  • What are the benefits of E-Commerce?

    There are two main advantages to selling within an online store: Number one, the overhead cost of an E-commerce web site is generally much less than the cost of maintaining a physical storefront; and number two, you have the ability to reach customers all over the world rather than being limited to a certain geographical location. Both of these factors equal to a broader target market for less overhead.
    Go to E-commerce services to know more about this.

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Why Technical Support Zone?

We're passionate about increasing customer services satisfaction, Technical Support Zone is built on the philosophy that in order to win, serve and retain customers, businesses must deliver an extraordinary customer experience. We view end user issues as a strategic opportunity to build brand loyalty. To help you capitalize on this opportunity, we design, build, manage, scale and improve highly effective enterprise support more quickly, cost efficiently and successfully than can be done internally or elsewhere.